Getting Healthy

On December 30th 2015 something crazy happened. I got sick, pretty sick by standards, I was feeling major stomach cramping and along with that the bathroom and I developed a wonderful relationship. I was nauseous, had a headache and maybe the worse stomach ache I have ever had. With all that  going on in my body I fell horrid, not a feeling I am eager to repeat.




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After this took place I sat and thought about my body and the way I have been treating it.  Eating excess processed food, not working out and not sleeping enough.

Then I realized that I had regained over 10lbs and my knees started hurting.


I lacked energy, was always tired and basically  lived on coffee.


In addition to that my skin went crazy, I was breaking out and my skin was dull and dry all the time.

Above all of that I realized how I felt looking in the mirror, I was unhappy with what I saw. I didn’t feel confident at all, note that I was never the most confident person to begin with so this simply made everything worse.

Not only have my poor health practices affect my body but it had mental implications. After thoroughly looking at this and thinking about my devotion to loving myself, I knew I had to get it under control.

So my main goal for 2016 is to becoming a healthier me. I plan to do so by cooking my own meals, keeping most of what I eat raw and natural versus processed. Workout consistently and allow this to become a habit and also do a mental reset.

I need to reset the manner in which I see myself and value myself enough to not destroy my body and mind. If this is a struggle for you, join me. Life can cause you to forget about yourself but, if one neglects themselves it affects the entirety of ones life.

Kisses from K


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