10 Months Later

So it has been quite some time since I last blogged mostly because I was busy planning and executing a wedding. Yes I am now married. 

  It was beautiful and beyond that I am truly in love with and blessed to call this amazing man my husband. 

Now back to reality, with wedding planning out of the way I am getting back into the swing of things by starting with a fitness update. 

And guess what, your girl has been kicking ass except for the week before the wedding and the three weeks following my return to work I have been exercising consistently. As you know I started out with training at home, but now I have copped a gym membership and I’m loving it. 

So far I have lost 11 lbs and beyond that I feel strong, energetic and all around amazing. The recent soreness is so real but I’m supper pumped to continue. 

10lbs lighter @163

As they say slow progress is better than no progress. Ttyl guys. 
Kisses from K 😘

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