When “life happen”

I am sitting here on the bus, usually at this time I’m in the gym making things happen but today no so much. 

This is when life happens. The thing about it is that situations like these always come up, but it can be quite demotivating. 

I have missed the gym for almost a month now and for a moment I started to have negative self talk. 

Then I caught myself, I took a moment to look back at what I spent the last couple of evenings that kept me away from the gym. 

Then I realized how much I accomplished in that time. 

The reality is that life has other things that come up and one will have to learn to readjust constantly to adequately accommodate all these new things while taking care of the things that you value. 

Just remember to not allow these adjustments to allow you to give up on your overall goal or you’ll never accomplish anything at all. 

With that said I cancelled my gym membership as I don’t believe in wasting money and I will be doing workouts at home. See my next post where I will tell you my plan. 

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