Meal What?

Google fitness or peruse the many fitness feeds on Instagram and  I’m sure you will come across  a multitude of post about meal plans and meal prepping all that awesome stuff (and no im not being sarcastic).
Preconceived Meal plans of others don’t work for me, the feeling of being confined to set of food items that I may or may not like is a bit of a turn off. So instead I do what works for me and that is exactly what I am going to share.
Yes I plan my meals and yes I meal prep.

Why you may ask?

1. It’s saves time
2. It saves money.
See based on how I meal prep I am able to compose a list for the grocery store and be in and out in no time. Additionally I use one afternoon to cook all my meals and I am good for the week.
Step one for me is to take some time and really think about what my body desires in terms of food. Once I have figured that out I look at how nutrient dense the meal would then be. If the meal turn out to not be as nutritious as I would search for a healthier more nutritious alternative to it.

Step two is the grocery list. I take a look in my refrigerator and check my shelves to ensure that I know exactly what I have and then only purchase the additional items I need. This way I am not buying several of the same item and also I use up all my food.

My next step is to go to the grocery store, I have now mastered the art of sticking to my list. I purchase only what’s on my list and if the item is not available I think about whether or not I have an alternative at home or if I should grab one. (I don’t add,  I replace).
Now I have my food items and menu in my head or on hand. I use this to then create my meals for the week. I also capitalize on the use of my oven so often multiple items are being prepped at the same time. My last step is to package and refrigerate.  Then each day I have my breakfast lunch and dinner or just lunch and dinner prepped and ready to go.

I am able to choose what I want to eat, ensuring that it’s nutritious, I know the standard at which it was prepared and all the ingredients and it’s a meal I know I am going to enjoy because it’s what I desire to eat.

  • I hope this will help you to try out meal prepping and Remember it doesn’t need to be identical to what I do, do it so it works for you.

Kisses from K

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