Lessons in Apartment Hunting

For a bit I have not posted a blog but between apartment hunting, a visit from my husband and moving life has been it’s busiest. I’m back today to share a few bits of knowledge gained in the process of apartment hunting. 

  • Calculate all your expenses against your income and see what you can afford. Keeping your apartment cost around the 30% mark of your net monthly income. Or atleast that was what I tried to do, however I live in Toronto and prices are ridiculously high so I had to go a little bit over budget. 
  • Find out the average cost of utilities as most places do not have utilities included. 
  • Think about location.  Know where you wish to live so that you can check the prices of places in the area to see if it’s feasible. For me I just needed to be in close enough proximity to work and keep commuting time low.
  •  Give your self enough time to find a place, two or more months preferably. This will allow you to not settle and gives you an opportunity to find things that are quite good within your budget. 
  • Ensure you have maintain great credit. If you want to move but your credit isn’t the best I suggest you give yourself time to improve it as it is vital. 
  • Lastly Start saving the minute you start earning so that when the time comes you have sufficient funds for the different expenses associate with moving.

As for me I was able to find a place that is within 15mins in public transit from work, close to a bus stop and within a budget I can afford. 

Lessons in apartment hunting will continue as my journey to getting my own place continues.

See you in my next post.

Until then

Kisses from K

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