An aha moment 😏

For the pass couple years regaining my fitness and health has been a true struggle and it wasn’t until this past weekend that I realized what really was the culprit.

I have been over eating, as healthy as the food items are and as nutritious and nourishing as they are too much is still too much. Plus I still ate out with friends and occasionally ordered in meals. 

Reality struck when I was reading what the required caloric intake for the average adult female is. 

That was 2000

Yes only 2000 if you are inactive increasing slightly based on activity levels (keeping in mind  that this changes based on weight and height as well) and I’m sure I was way over that 2000 everyday 

So how did I decide to improve this


Meal Planning!!!!!!!

 I know it’s the answer to everything right !! But truth is  it really works especially if you find yourself eating take out a lot and struggling to lose or gain weight. 

The perks of meal planning is you take the daily guess work out of what to eat and you can chose to cook something new daily or meal prep according to your meal plan. 

Here’s a breakdown of my approach to meal planning. 

First think of how many times you can eat the same meal without being sick of it, for me that’s 2x

Second determine your caloric needs for the day based on physical activity levels. Believe me there are a million apps and website to use for this here’s one you can try⬇️

Calorie calculator
Mine is:

  • 2121 for maintenance 
  • 1697 for fat loss

I’ve decided on 1800 somewhere in the middle where I can slowly lose excess weight and get within the healthy weight range for myself which is 145-150lbs

After determining my caloric needs I decide on my meal breakdowns for the day. I currently eat 5 meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks) this will help you determine how calorie dense you wish for each meal to be.

My break down is B- 500 L- 500 D- 400 and Snacks 200 each

 Next get a notebook and write down what you would like to have it doesn’t matter if it’s tacos, pizza just write it down.The look for the healthiest cleanest version of your meal item and document the recipe. 

I am all about a clean healthy diet made of nutrient dense whole foods. 

I then find three or four recipes with my desired caloric range that also is filling and meet the nutrient dense requirement and document the ingredients I need to make them. 

I then head off to the grocery store on the weekend and get my supplies and set aside a few hours on Sunday to meal prep as I find it to be more convenient as when I get home and I’m hungry I don’t want to think about cooking. 
I hope that if you are on a fitness journey this helps you to progress. 

Looking forward to talking to you soon. 

Kisses from K

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