What I eat in a day

Hi everyone and thank you for stopping by, this post is just to share some meals I may have throughout the day to keep me satiated and healthy. I hope that it gives you some inspiration and if you wish for me to provide the recipe in a future post just go ahead and let me know.



Lemon water !!!! To hydrate after a long nights rest.

Today I did fasted cardio but i wanted to be sure to hydrate before going and the tiny caffeine boost is also great to help me get through the workout.


Peanut butter oatmeal topped with pumpkin seeds and shredded coconut


Some fresh fruit to kick that sugar craving.


A deliciously filling green smoothie, complete with spring Mix, ginger, frozen fruits, coconut milk & water. 



Pasta Fagioli topped with Parmesan. Full of protein and only 200 calories per serving so it’s perfect for having seconds. 

Thank for stopping by and I hope you are inspired.

See you soon

Kisses from K

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