I think this is working

Remember when I wrote this post that spoke about over eating and recommended caloric requirement etc., well this is a follow up to that post. Today I am here to talk to you about the methods I have been using to stay on track and also assist me with losing the extra pounds I have packed on.


IIFYM which is, If it fits your macros also known as  flexible dieting  has been quite helpful for a lot of people in reaching their weight loss goals, essentially you can eat whatever you wish once it fits within your macro nutrients and caloric limits.

Clean-eating on the other hand is focused on eating real whole food and having a very balanced nutrient rich intake. It ideally would mean that one cannot consume processed food, also it aligns with intuitive eating, that requires you to listen to your bodies satiety cues.

Why am I writing about them?

Well I have discovered that a combination of both methods prove to be the best for me to handle my diet. I am big on eating clean and I enjoy cooking and meal preps etc, however their are times when I eat out with my friends or would like to have my favorite processed item (s) ( especially during that time of the month).

Additionally I was grossly overeating for  sometime now and by tracking my meals through one of the many apps out there I personally use my fitness paland understanding what my body needs to function optimally and in what quantities ,I am able to stay within the recommended daily calorie requirement for my body while fueling it in the correct way.


For if it fits your macros, you are going to need to workout what your required macros are and this can be done manually or using one of the many applications available on line.

For a breakdown of the manual method click here

To have it calculated for you click here

Here’s a look at my macros from the calculator. (Note that they may all provide varying macros so its best to just pick the one that best suits you  and run with it.


If you are struggling with weight loss or gain, this way could potentially work for you. Keep in mind that a good balance of healthy eating, physical activity as well as mental and emotional care is essential to achieving your fitness goals.

If you are interested in trying this approach please feel free to do so and let me know how its working for you.

Talk to you soon.

Kiss from K

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