No excuses

Everyone is super busy it’s really about prioritizing what’s important to you. Also looking at things from a health perspective and not so much a physical or vanity based one.

When it comes to my diet I think in terms or balance so I apply the 90/10 method for some it’s 80/20.

I ensure that 80 to 90% of the time I am putting wholesome foods in my body. Which means nothing processed and predominantly vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, a small amount of grains(not a big fan), healthy carbohydrate options (eg sweet potatoes) and lean protein.

I save my 10% for dinner out of home and often still choose the option of salad and a lean protein or roasted veggies and a lean protein if it is possible.

My mantra that I often repeat to myself in “my body is a temple not a garbage bin” and look at food in that way, would you furnish your temple with garbage and filth.

Step one for me is creating a food budget. Being aware of what you have to spend on food will help you better decide on what to purchase. Next comes planning my meals;I literally sit with pen and paper and write down the things I would love to eat. The categories are breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. A list of my go too meals are breakfast:

egg muffins with spinach or kale

Gluten-free oatmeal with peanut butter (made with water and has tons of cinnamon and spices and topped with fruit or granola)


Lean protein and salads, roasted veggies or veggie stir fry. I may also have quinoa or brown rice if I wish to or make cauliflower rice which is a low carb option.


Same as lunch but less likely to include rice or quinoa

A few examples 👇🏾





And then from my plan comes meal prepping. Having access to healthy meals at all times makes eating healthy significantly easier. So I put aside a few hours and cook and package my meals for the week. (See my instagram @kendrazeats for meal ideas)

I also try to practise mindful eating. That means I remove all distractions while eating. Through eating mindlessly we tend to over eat and so when you can sit and slowly consume and enjoy your food you can tune into you satiety cues, and stop once your body is full.

Another helpful method is the plate method

However for me, I’m not a big starch consumer so instead I replace the starch with a healthy fat like avocado or split that section between starches and fats. So some roasted sweet potato and avocado for example. I also use smaller plates so as to not overeat, if it’s on the plate you will probably eat it and so if you fill up a smaller plate you eat less and often times are more full.

Also remember to hydrate and you may want to eliminate alcohol and juices from your diet. Especially store bought as they are ladened with sugar and are empty calories. Save alcohol for your 10% and don’t over do it, it’s high carbohydrate content and lack of nutritional value ups the fat content of your body. Keep a water bottle with you at all times that way you can always take a sip. Thirst often fools us into thinking we are hungry and so we grab food when we don’t actually need it.

Avoid eating out of boredom as well, ensure that you are truly hungry and not bored, because boredom is a major culprit.

Lastly ensure you are getting sufficient rest, sleep is vital to the body’s ability to heal, clean and care for itself. So try to shutdown, get away from your devices and allow your body to rest. Lack of sleep also increases ones weight gain.

I hope that this was helpful, comment and let me know what you would like me to share next.

Kisses from K

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