Self-care Sunday: Skincare

To be quite honest I have never had I many issues with my skin, however recently breakouts have been rampant. Despite the breakouts, I am not much of a makeup person, however, I do love skincare. Sephora’s VIB sales can attest to this because that is all I purchase each year. Every Sunday I spend quality time with my skin and carry out my complete skincare routine.


My go-to brands are Origins, Peter Thomas Roth and Fresh, with Laniege and Clinique being honourable mentions.

To care for and allow for the recovery of my skin, I cleanse twice daily, exfoliate two to three times weekly and mask everytime I exfoliate. I also have a pamper session every Saturday or Sunday depending on what I have to cover over the weekend.



The foundation of any good skincare routine is a great cleanser. I use warm water to rinse my face and follow up with my Peter Thomas Roth Cleanser.  I pair it with a cleansing brush using the deep cleaning setting. Think of this process as a face massage and take your time, you should not be in a rush, believe me when I say it can be very calming.



My exfoliant preference is a chemical one, versus a physical one as I personally believe that it works better. Additionally, when you use a brush you physically exfoliate your face. My go-to exfoliant is also from Peter Thomas Roth.


I enjoy masking, it allows you to draw toxins out on one end of the spectrum or load up on moisture. I am not as picky in terms of my mask brand. I will, however, spend time looking at the ingredients and attempt to understand what products will produce the results the product claims. I also make a d.i.y turmeric mask ever so often which makes your skin supple and bright.




I started using witch hazel as a toner about 6 years ago and after trying a few other options I have made my way back. It is gentle, natural and works well to remove any left out dirty or mask that is on the face.



DSC00120I am new to serums and this Peter Thomas Roth one was a part of a packaged deal in the last V.I.B. sale. It possesses retinoid which assists in cell turn over. I was complimented on my skin the other day so maybe it is working. I will have to get back to you on this one.



And like some females I occasionally breakout. Whether it’s from hormones, poor nutrition or stress. It happens. That’s when I draw on my Origins Super Spot Treatment or 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties and the spot treatment has Salicylic Acid known for treating acne.

I am also mindful to use sunscreen, but your girl is still looking for the one. I am currently rocking with the Clinique Pep-Start but it has quite the white cast. If you have any suggestion, please comment and let me know it would be much appreciated.



I suggest you set aside 30 minutes to an hour to pamper yourself. It relieves stress and anxiety and your skin will love it.

With that said, great skin starts from within so, definitely ensure that you are eating a balanced nutrient-rich diet and drinking tons of water. Afterall I have a bunch of fun recipes that you can try. And on that note, I will catch you later.

Kisses from K

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