Self Care Sunday: Unplug

I find it difficult to stop and relax. Afterall we live in a society where we are expected to be going constantly. Nonetheless, not doing anything is beneficial ever so often to avoid burnout.

So today I am going to give you a list of things that I use to assist with the relaxation/ unplugging.

  1. Clean and organize your space.

Whether a house, apartment or room a clean and tidy space help you to feel a tad bit lighter. Having an unorganized space can often negatively affect us, as such a good spring cleaning with your favourite moving can help you unwind.

2. At home facial

Now that your home has been clean set the mood. Put on some calming music, turn off your cell phone or place it on do not disturb. Grab your skincare item.

Lay them out nicely, light a few candles and warm up a few damp towels and pamper yourself.

3. Run a bath

Maintain the mood and run a bath. Pour half a packet of Epsom salt into the tub. pour half 1 packet of Epsom salt into your tub.

Put on your mask and soak the stress away. for the time frame/span of your mask.

Finish by rinsing away (showering) all the toxins and finish your skincare routine or read a book, that’s also an option.

4. Motivation, Breathing and Yoga

There is nothing more relaxing than just deep breathing, quieting ones mind and stretching your body.

Remember that you are important and to take a moment to spend some time taking care of your mental and emotional well being.

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