Food I’ve been loving

Oatmeal w/ all the fixings
Mushroom and Black bean Taco Builder
Gluten-free over medium egg sandwich w/veggies
Veggie Burger Sandwich. Topped with micro-greens and a side of sauteed mushrooms and tomato 
Tofu scramble w/ purple cabbage, mushroom and tomatoes. 
Blackbean Stir-fry 
Rainbow salad
Avocado Toast w/ radishes
Fruit and Veggie Salad
Egg Burger (veggie burger patty, omelette, vegan cheese)
Fruit Salad
GF Bagel, Veggie Burger, Vegan cream cheese and arugula
Egg (over medium), turkey bacon, GF Bagel, arugula and tomatoes
Homemade pasta salad
Taco Inspired Pasta Salad

As you can see it’s mostly plant-based items I just haven’t been feeling meat much lately and save meat consumptions for eating out. But even so there are so many vegan and veggie options out there that I often don’t even need meat. Am I going vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan? Honestly, I don’t know, I just know that eating plant based is all I crave right now.

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