Self-care Sunday: Easy Full Body​ Workout

Here’s a quick and easy routine for anyone looking for an at-home workout routine.

Warm up:

Jumping Jacks (1 min)

Upper Body:

Push-ups (10)

Tricep Dip (10)

Lower Body:

Hip Thrust (10)

Squats (10)

Lunges (10)


Deadbugs (1 min)

Roll-ups (1 min)

Complete three reps of each exercise listed above, you can also do a circuit where you complete each exercise in succession as 1 set and complete three reps of that set.


Cat-Cow (30 sec)

Downward Dogs (30 sec)

Low Lunge (left and right, 30 sec)

Pigeon pose (left & right 30 sec)

Child’s pose ( 1 min)

Please take the time to stretch after as well as hydrate.

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