Self-care Sunday: Why meal prep is self-care.

I have on multiple occasions, been too tired to meal prep. To be honest with work, school and a marriage to attend to, often times I put myself last. I am confident we all do this at some point, whether it is to care for our children, or simply from being too exhausted there never seems to be enough time in the day. 

Then it hit me the other day, how much my life, my stress level and my mental state seems to fall apart when I don’t take the time to meal prep. I often go for the easiest most convenient thing to eat, which, let’s be honest is probably unhealthy. Not to mention the days or night we default to takeout of some kind – that our pockets are not too happy about– for which we do not know the ingredients.

The idea of self-care often takes the form of having a pamper day or maybe a digital detox, but self-care isn’t just that, it is also taking the necessary steps to allow for a life that flows well and allows for peace of mind.  With that definition in mind, do you now understand why meal prep is a form of self-care?

By scheduling a few hours to either:

a. prep the raw materials you will need to cook various meals throughout the week so that its a quick and easy process to make a healthy and wholesome meal. 


b. cooking your meals so that after a long and arduous day all that is required of you is to simply reheat and go. 

you are taking time to care for yourself.

I hope that this post puts the idea of meal prep into perspective for you and go ahead and browse the blog to see if any of the recipes inspire you, not to mention at Kendrazeats over on Instagram.  

I have missed sharing with you and will be posting every Sunday moving forward. Thank you for stopping by and I’ll talk to you soon. 

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