Understanding your triggers

Fact: ” I am an emotional eater.”

Fact: I don’t always know what my trigger is.”

One of the ways in which we seem to mess up on our fitness journey is not coming to terms with the triggers that cause us to default to poor eating habits. 

This past Saturday morning, I woke up, ate one and a half doughnuts, coffee and some sushi. This is not my normal breakfast, as I am an avocado toast with eggs and water, tea or black coffee see. my Instagram if you don’t believe me. Following this, I cleaned my entire apartment which solidified the fact that I was emotionally in an unpleasant place. 

When it is that you are on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle, we have to evaluate our trigger. My triggers are being frustrated, feeling stress near to the point of burn out as well as when I feel lost. 

Do not beat yourself up because you ate an entire cake, instead, enjoy your cake, then stop and evaluate your emotional state and see what is the reason behind you attacking the cake. 

Now that you know make a list of things you can do to prevent yourself from reaching for the cake. I love cleaning, yoga, meditation and journaling. What I use may not be for you, but find what can help you get out the funk and allows you to effectively cope with the challenging situation. 

And if all else fails, stock up your home with healthy options so that you can grab an apple, some berries, nuts and a tall glass of water for a much better option to munch on.

If you made it through the post, thank you for reading and please leave a comment below to provide and let me know what else you would like us to talk about. 

Bye everyone and talk to you next Sunday. 

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