Understanding your triggers

Life is filled with ups and downs, by which we are often battered and bruised. But you don't have to help it by hurting yourself too.

Self-care Sunday: Why meal prep is self-care.

I have on multiple occasions, been too tired to meal prep. To be honest with work, school and a marriage to attend to, often times I put myself last. I am confident we all do this at some point, whether it is to care for our children, or simply from being too exhausted there never… Continue reading Self-care Sunday: Why meal prep is self-care.

Self-care Sunday: Book loves

Not everyone enjoys reading, but as for me I truly love to sit and read books especially non- fiction books leaning to self care or self- help. So for this week I am going share some of my favourite self care books that I have enjoyed over the years. Self-care: The Four Agreements by Don… Continue reading Self-care Sunday: Book loves

Self-Care Sunday: Routine

Since self-care is so important to me and I want to encourage this habit for others. I feel the best way to do so is to share my routine. Note that I understand that we are busy and there are tons to do, but if you don't take care of yourself, then how can you… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: Routine

Self Care Sunday: Unplug

I find it difficult to stop and relax. Afterall we live in a society where we are expected to be going constantly. Nonetheless, not doing anything is beneficial ever so often to avoid burnout. So today I am going to give you a list of things that I use to assist with the relaxation/ unplugging.… Continue reading Self Care Sunday: Unplug

Self-care Sunday: Skincare

To be quite honest I have never had I many issues with my skin, however recently breakouts have been rampant. Despite the breakouts, I am not much of a makeup person, however, I do love skincare. Sephora's VIB sales can attest to this because that is all I purchase each year. Every Sunday I spend… Continue reading Self-care Sunday: Skincare

Why I walked away

For the past three years I have worked in the field of childcare. I worked as an ECA while studying to receive my ECE diploma and then worked as a RECE once I completed college and registered. And the truth is I loved my job, I would go home laughing about the crazy things the… Continue reading Why I walked away