Food for the Soul

I know I have been away for some time and as we often know life happens for me it was the holidays and moving. Yeah I have finally moved I have done furniture shopping and building and painting and all that jazz and as such and in this time I believe food for the soul… Continue reading Food for the Soul

Here’s to 2016

Dear 2016 you have been nothing short of amazing. You have made me a wife and a supervisor. You have given me lessons that taught me a greater appreciation of gratitude. You have exposed the toxic relationships that were in my life and helped me to eliminate them. You have taught me about friendships, truly… Continue reading Here’s to 2016

Lessons in Apartment Hunting

For a bit I have not posted a blog but between apartment hunting, a visit from my husband and moving life has been it's busiest. I'm back today to share a few bits of knowledge gained in the process of apartment hunting.  Calculate all your expenses against your income and see what you can afford.… Continue reading Lessons in Apartment Hunting

And then comes Marriage

This years trip to St. Vincent was a little bit different and little more special. It was the trip that made me the wife of the love of my life and though not the smoothiest trip it was well worth the airline hassle that ensued. My wedding day was just the way I wanted it… Continue reading And then comes Marriage

When “life happen”

I am sitting here on the bus, usually at this time I'm in the gym making things happen but today no so much.  This is when life happens. The thing about it is that situations like these always come up, but it can be quite demotivating.  I have missed the gym for almost a month… Continue reading When “life happen”