Accidental Sabotage

Over the course of fall-winter 2017, I was able to get my fitness journey on track and maintain it. Then life changes occur, my husband relocated and although I tried for the most part I kept falling off track. So much so, I regained some of the weight, my sleep habit was out of whack… Continue reading Accidental Sabotage

Self-care Sunday: Easy Full Body​ Workout

Here's a quick and easy routine for anyone looking for an at-home workout routine. Warm up: Jumping Jacks (1 min) Upper Body: Push-ups (10) Tricep Dip (10) Lower Body: Hip Thrust (10) Squats (10) Lunges (10) Abs Deadbugs (1 min) Roll-ups (1 min) Complete three reps of each exercise listed above, you can also do a circuit where… Continue reading Self-care Sunday: Easy Full Body​ Workout

Meal Prep Planner

Hi Loves, I know I have been away but a break was required as I am in school and my life is in transition. But today I am here to give you a little thing I have created to help you meal plan and prep better. I hope that you enjoy it and that it… Continue reading Meal Prep Planner

Weighing not allowed

So do you know when you decide you want to lose weight and so you get on the scale and get that number? Yeah, that one, the one you've been scared to see but you want to know now. Because you have a goal right. Well write it down and don't touch it or the… Continue reading Weighing not allowed

Ready, Set, Reset

The holidays are over and I definitely indulged and enjoyed it, while being mindful when it came to the food I consumed. I ate the same as always for most meals and allowed room for the unhealthy sugar filled flavours of the season. I hope you did as well, there's nothing like loving and enjoying… Continue reading Ready, Set, Reset

No excuses

Everyone is super busy it’s really about prioritizing what’s important to you. Also looking at things from a health perspective and not so much a physical or vanity based one. When it comes to my diet I think in terms or balance so I apply the 90/10 method for some it’s 80/20. I ensure that… Continue reading No excuses