Understanding your triggers

Life is filled with ups and downs, by which we are often battered and bruised. But you don't have to help it by hurting yourself too.

Self-care Sunday: Why meal prep is self-care.

I have on multiple occasions, been too tired to meal prep. To be honest with work, school and a marriage to attend to, often times I put myself last. I am confident we all do this at some point, whether it is to care for our children, or simply from being too exhausted there never… Continue reading Self-care Sunday: Why meal prep is self-care.

Getting Healthy

On December 30th 2015 something crazy happened. I got sick, pretty sick by standards, I was feeling major stomach cramping and along with that the bathroom and I developed a wonderful relationship. I was nauseous, had a headache and maybe the worse stomach ache I have ever had. With all that  going on in my… Continue reading Getting Healthy